1. NFL


  2. His tongue conjured up fire 
    In hearts of hope that did smolder 
    With words as clear as the wind 
    Blades sprang from ashes again 
    Chaos chorus deafening 
    Sure-footed might-machine 
    Dance floors of human flesh 
    Syncopated until the end 
    His dagger like eyes 
    Left you limp in their stead 
    His psalms emanate power 
    Beset with lightning and thunder 
    As you slip into trance 
    You swear allegiance to dance 

  3. As of this morning I an officially suffering from the effects of cognitive dissonance. I am in the space between making a life changing decision and acting on it.


  4. this is not a race


  5. less and less and less and less and less and more


  6. Can the homeless and skaters coexist ?


  7. Sunday morning raining; these images are now part of her repertoire. Marinating dosing rotting. These are the stories she will create for me in the future if we don’t blow it all up first.


  8. jodocho:

    Well, this is definitely the fastest I’ve ever drawn a three page comic. It probably shows. 

    Community is just super important to me I guess, and I think it deserves a better sense of closure. Also, I drew the characters from memory, so that’s why they look… like that.


  9. dotdash88:

    Please save WRAS from a back-alley deal between Georgia State University and Georgia Public Broadcasting. The terms of this deal affect our analog radio listeners by covering up our usual music programming with GPB talk radio programming every day from 5am to 7pm. We do not condone this deal, which was made unbeknownst to us. 

    Help us fight this unjust agreement by calling and emailing your comments to the powers that be:

    Andrea Jones (Assoc. VP of PR & Marketing) 404-413-1351
    Mark Becker (President) 404-413-1300
    Dr. Douglass Covey (VP of Student Affairs) 404-413-1500.
    Can also be reached via email: andreajones@gsu.edu, mbecker@gsu.edu, bbeckwith@gsu.edu, or dcovey@gsu.edu.

    You can find WRAS’s Official Statement Here.
    Here is the Creative Loafing article covering the details of the “partnership”.
    Here is a link to the change.org petition against the GPB takeover, created by one of our listeners.

    Please help save college radio in Atlanta!

    EDIT: I should also mention, that if this deal continues as planned, Dot Dash will most certainly die. 


  10. fuck me


  11. Wiping my head next to her tail


  12. This was all pretty confusing; a Sunday night that went off the proverbial rails. Private Terminus performance + fungi + finger light surprise.



  14. Kyle on my 10th birthday. Everything is cake when you’re 10 years old; all laid out in front of you like a Sunday potluck church lunch. I hit it in your coat pocket and hoped that someday you’d find it to remind you of that boy I was when you snapped that picture of me standing into the snow.


  15. George Washington’s teeth; all recovered materials. Stained glass on wood. Menlo glass - broken clock wood; Ken Twofour support wood - Rhodes Theater screws. Display only.